Last updated: 16th April, 2020.

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have had to make some changes to the way we operate and work during this difficult time. Here is some useful information:

When will you be getting more stock in?

This is something we were expecting to happen at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, this has now been delayed until the pandemic subsides. Nonetheless, please be reassured that this is our top priority at MAAREE and we are continuing to find resolutions for this as quickly and safely as we can possibly do so. Please sign-up to our newsletter here to be notified when this stock arrives with us.

For more details on how the virus has affected our small business, please read the letter written by our founder, Mari.

Deliveries, Returns & Exchanges

As long as the local Post Office is still open (which it currently still is) we will continue to deliver your orders. However, we will no longer be doing daily trips, but once every three days. This is in order to increase safety and to stay indoors as much as we can. As a consequence of our longer processing time, we have also temporarily removed the 1st Class postage option from the site.

Secondly, delivery might take a few extra days in the UK and worldwide. Please be patient are allow for a longer time for your parcel to reach you. We are answering a lot of queries at the moment so please only contact us if urgent.

Lastly, we do continue to offer worldwide delivery. However, we do not know the status of the postal service for each country, as it's continually changing. Therefore, please do check that you are still able to receive these packages in your country.

We are still able to receive returns and exchanges back at HQ with no issues, however they will be processed 72 hours after receipt for health and safety reasons.


I can reassure you, that at this current point in time, no-one at MAAREE HQ (which is situated in Mari's home) has been diagnosed with the virus or have symptoms. Nonetheless, we continue to be vigilant with hand-washing and no-one besides Mari and her partner will be in the vicinity until lockdown ends.

All order packing, unpacking and transferring to the Post Office will be completed using gloves. With all outer packaging wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes after sealing.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at