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How We Chose Our Colour

Powerful & Feminine

We spent a long time selecting the right colour for MAAREE. We wanted something which symbolises both what we and you were all about. Finally, the main colour we thought best represented MAAREE was RED, with tones of YELLOW. Why? Well to start, in respect to the body, RED represents the physical.


Power, strength, courage, energy, survival, passion, love, action, ambition, determination, confidence, leadership and radiance.

The yellow tone give softens the red a little to turn it a slight coral colour. It provides a more feminine feel, yet still keeping the boldness.


Competitiveness, survival, outdoorsy, personal power, tough, will, self-esteem.

We feel that this is us in a nutshell.

We are strong, courageous and passionate women, who fight hard to achieve our dreams. We often contemplate how we'd like to be more confident but often undervalue how strong we already are. We look out for others but sometimes forget about ourselves. Some of us may not be your typical girly-girl but that's not to say we all don't ooze femininity. We are all beautiful, graceful, elegant and inspirational in our own unique way.

Don't underestimate us.