6 Reasons You May Be Frustrated With Your Sports Bra

Find yourself having to wear two sports bras to get enough support? Can't find one that's comfortable enough for you? MAAREE founder, Mari, gives a breakdown of the features you should be considering when sports bra shopping to find your perfect design and solve your sports bra issues. 

Non-stretch or stretch fabric?

Bra Fabric

Strategically placed stretch and non-stretch panels can make or break a bra in my opinion. Do you know if your current sports bras have an elastic or non-elastic material in the main body? Many women don’t take this into consideration when sports bra shopping. Furthermore, there isn’t one right way to have it. It’s down to preference and the activity you’ll be wearing it for.

If you’re someone who looks for ultimate support when it comes to your activity, especially if you do high-impact sports, you’re likely to find a better-performing bra if you get one where the front of the bra is made using non-stretch or limited stretch fabric. If the fabric is less likely to stretch under motion, then so are your boobs.

Stretch fabrics can appeal to those who like to wear bras that are donned over the head. Makes the job a lot easier! Some find them more comfortable and they will likely have fewer seam lines on them, meaning a smoother silhouette when worn under a t-shirt.

When a combination of elastic and non-elastic fabrics are used on a sports bra this can really be a game-changer. Allowing your rib cage to easily expand and contract under heavy breathing whilst providing ultimate support for your cups. The perfect balance between support and comfort.


Are you someone who wrestles with their sports bra to get it on and off either side of your workout? If yes, then you’re probably someone who has a compression sports bra with no clasp. If you want to eliminate this extra sweat-inducing frustration around your already tiring gym workout, then look for sports bras with a clasp or a completely open-back design. Getting your bra on and off will suddenly become a breeze!

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder Straps
Tattooing red lines onto your shoulders with your current sports bra? Your straps may not be wide enough or padded. Women with larger chest will likely suffer from these marks than others as their breasts will be heavier in weight. Therefore, ensure you have a strap strong enough to support you comfortably.
Perhaps your straps regularly fall off your shoulders? Firstly, you may want to reassess the shape of the sports bra you already own as the design could have very wide-set shoulder straps. Secondly, consider a bra with racerback straps. Having a bra with the option to convert the shoulder straps into a racerback can provide you with that extra level of support you may need. However, if you really loath the idea of donning a bra over your head, then you can might prefer a sports bras that has straps with the option to hook together while it’s already worn.


This can be a difficult feature to get right and yet so crucial to the quality of your support. 80% of your support comes from the underband, so it's important that it sits snuggly against your skin. It is the anchor point of the sports bra and should never move independently from your skin. This can result irritation and chaffing.
If the top of the underband rolls up onto the underneath of your boobs then your underband it likely too big. It may also be possible that your cup size is too small too, as there is not enough material to cover the entire volume of your breasts.
Ensure you don’t get an underband that’s too tight, or has little-to no elasticity in it if you struggle to breathe once you start to exercise and quickly feel uncomfortable.


Overband® Technology is a new concept designed by Mari, founder of MAAREE. Having tested sports bra performance in lab conditions for a number of the top brands in the world I always believed that upward motion was neglected and yet crucial to solve to improve overall motion reduction. As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down! I have designed this curved panel into both sports bra to provide superior support. MAAREE is the first and only brand in the world to incorporate this technology into their sports bras.
Along with our Overband® Technology, we have taken very careful consideration with our fabric choice, shoulder strap design and underband strength with the design of our Solidarity Sports Bra. This is why we are so proud to have won 'Best in Test' sports bra by independent testing conducted by Women's Running Magazine THREE times! Especially as we are still a one-women company, beating all the bigger brands.


The last, and possibly best tip I can give you, ensure you get measured regularly and at a reputable location to avoid confusion about the right size for you. It’s incredible how much of a difference a good-fitting sports bra will make. In support and in the way you feel. Trust me, you will feel amazing! Not only this, but you might not be the same size in every shop, like with your day-to-day clothing.
If you are someone who suffers from chaffing or discomfort from your underwire, it's very likely that you could be wearing your wrong size. Surprisingly, up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size. So it's definitely worth checking, even if you think you've been a specific size for years.



With MAAREE I not only wanted to provide sports bras that deliver higher support and performance but I wanted to help women become more informed and confident on the subject. There’s so much ambiguity around sports bras and getting the best support, let’s start making things easier for ourselves.

My sports bras are the only ones in the world with Overband® Technology to reduce upwards motion. The collection consists of the Empower Medium-Impact Sports Bra, the Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra and the Warrior Leggings.



Our Solidarity Sports Bra is designed with a non-elastic main body, with elastic wings and multi-way straps to ensure it's easy to wear but has minimal bounce. However, our Empower Sports Bra has a fully-elastic body and includes a clasp to provide maximum comfort and that it's easy to wear.

Thank you for supporting us, now it's our time to support you.

"This is the sports bra of the future!"

- Claire Sanderson, Editor of Women's Health