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Introducing Overband® Technology

MAAREE Tackles Upward Breast Motion

MAAREE Overband Technology

MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra

So, what is the Overband®? And how will it help? The Overband® is a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts, to provide extra support and reduce upward motion when exercising. It is specially designed to distribute the pressure across the breasts whilst offering a pleasing silhouette, which means no unnatural looking or unwanted lumps or bumps appearing where they shouldn't. Not only will this technology reduce upwards motion but this will result in an overall reduced motion as the breasts are not reaching such extreme positions to begin its travel from. This technology is sewn into the front of the bra and also into the underband on your back. Therefore, fastening the clasp will apply the tension not only from the underband but from the Overband® also. This means the band will not be moving around independently of you or the bra when you are active.



The Overband® technology is incorporated to both bras included in MAAREE's first collection; the MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra and the MAAREE Empower Sports Bra.

If you are someone looking to use this bra across a number of different intensities of sports then MAAREE's Solidarity Sports Bra will be the one for you. This has an adjustable Overband® so that you can customise the tension based on your needs and activity levels. The high-impact bra is perfect for running and other high-intensity activities.

MAAREE will also be releasing a second sports bra incorporating the Overband®; the Empower Sports Bra. For the bra the Overband® is set at a comfortable and pre-determined medium tension to give you the support you need. A clasp is included at the back to provide an easier experience when getting the bra on and off and to then apply the right tension when wearing. It has a very smooth design with minimal pressure points. Perfect for the gym and other medium-impact activities. Keep an eye out on the MAAREE website and social media sites for images of the Empower Sports Bra coming soon.

CoppaFeel! Charity

MAAREE is proudly collaborating with the charity CoppaFeel! and their #BraHijack campaign for our first collection to help raise awareness of the early detection of breast cancer. You will find a CoppaFeel! label in each sports bra to remind users to check their breasts on a regular basis.

CoppeFeel! Logo MAAREE

Find out more by checking out 'Our Partners' information here.

A Bit of Background...

MAAREE's founder, Mari, has spent her career testing sports products, including sports bras for a number of the top sports brands. Being a keen sports woman herself and someone who relies on high-performing sports bras she has spent a lot of time analysing the product on others and on herself. Frustrated by the current solutions on the market and feeling her perfect bra didn't exist she's taken it upon herself to design the solution. Many sports bras out there, to varying degrees, reduce downward motion of the breasts. A lot of companies think that this is solving the problem. However, upwards motion is also a big contributor to the problem and often neglected. So few products out there offer to tackle this problem. Often a thin piece of material is all that's offered to cover the top of the breasts, which achieves very little. You could argue that the sports bras which have adjustable straps could be used to hoist your boobs to a very high position to help eliminate this, but some women don't enjoy having their breasts up to their chin to solve this problem.

As the old saying goes... what goes up must come down!

You can quickly test this yourself. Next time you are out for a run float one of your hands a couple of centimetres above the top of your chest to see how much motion you are experiencing when you run. It might surprise you! If your sports bra isn't particularly strong then this motion could be contributing to the downward motion more than it should as your breasts are starting its downward travel from a higher location, counteracting all the good work your bra is meant to be doing to help reduce downward motion. Additionally, having this motion still ever present in front of you the entire time you are exercising if distracting and inefficient at the least, not to mention annoying!

Do you know someone who struggles to find a good sports bra?

We would really appreciate it if you could do us a good deed and help us get the word out there to them today please, and help us solve a problem for other women out there. Thank you.

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  • Alex

    Hi there, would you recommend getting the same size that I normally wear in a normal bra? I think my current shock absorber I had to go up about 3 sizes. Any advice would be great! Thanks

  • Mari (MAAREE)

    Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment. YES! I know the feeling very well. We’ve developed both of our Empower and Solidarity sports bras with this in mind, with padded straps and wide contact points on the underband and straps to ensure pressure is distributed across a wider surface area. Both bras also feature our Overband technology which I’m sure you’ve read about above. For your activity and size requirement, I would recommend our Solidarity bra, for this bra we’ve used a soft, non-stretch cup to ensure it provides the support you need for your activities. Mari x

  • Sarah Winser

    Good Morning x struggling to find a sports bra that doesn’t inflict wounds ! I’m a MTB off road cyclist I also gym train and Pilates need a good Allrounder …can you help ? Everyday bra size 32f

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