Our (Wo)Mantra

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Our (Wo)Mantra

"MAAREE exists to support women so that they are empowered to achieve their goals"

Many women don’t feel they have the right tools or support needed to exercise worry-free and, therefore, aren’t as active as they want to be. The gender gap in exercise participation rates is still too big for our liking, and we believe sports and exercise is not only key for leading a healthy lifestyle but is important for developing important life skills.  We want to help break down the barriers women have in their lives and provide the support needed so that you can live your fierce and powerful lives confidently, and show the world you are a force to be reckoned with!

We are on the pursuit of designing and manufacturing an innovative new take on the classic sports bra design so that it provides superior all-round performance. We are about relentless improvement and want to one-day completely resolve the issues surrounding all women’s sports apparel. Please join us on our journey, come talk to us and tell us about yourselves!

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Founder of MAAREE

MAAREE Founder Mari

I've been interested in sports since a young age, and I came to notice how important a role it played in my life. Not only from living a healthy lifestyle but for making friends, building confidence and developing life skills. But so many women out there don't feel they have the right tools or mindset to be active at their best. I am on a mission to help women feel empowered, to go and get what they want and to feel good about themselves.

I have come from a sports testing background and helped many brands test and develop their sports bras but I still felt like the ultimate sports bra, for me, still wasn't out there. After much contemplation and leaving a sports wearable brand in London it's time I take the big, scary and exciting jump into the world of MAAREE. I'm very excited to bring you my first collection, coming soon! 

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