Introducing Sports Bras with Overband® Technology

MAAREE Tackles Upward Breast Motion

Overband Technology
MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra

So, what is an Overband®? And how will it help?

The Overband® is a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts, to reduce upward motion when exercising. It is specially designed to distribute the pressure across the breasts whilst offering a pleasing silhouette, which means no unnatural looking or unwanted lumps or bumps appearing where they shouldn't.

Overband infographic 1Ovreband infographic 2Overband infographic 3

This world's first and revolutionary technology is sewn into the front of the bra and also into the underband on your back. Therefore, fastening the clasp will apply the tension not only from the underband but from the Overband® also. This means the band will not be moving around independently of you or the bra when you are active. 

Our Overband® Technology is incorporated to both bras in MAAREE's first collection; the Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra and the Empower Medium-Impact Sports Bra.

MAAREE Empower Sports Bra MAAREE Solidarity Sports Bra

If you are someone looking to use this bra across a number of different intensities of sports then the Solidarity Sports Bra will be the one for you. This has an adjustable Overband® so that you can customise the tension based on your needs and activity levels. The high-impact bra is perfect for running and other high-intensity activities.

Solidarity adjuster
Adjustable Overband®

For the Empower Bra, the Overband® is set at a comfortable and pre-determined medium tension to give you the support you need. A clasp is included at the back to provide an easier experience when getting the bra on and off and to then apply the right tension when wearing. It has a very smooth design with minimal pressure points, perfect for the gym, floor workouts and other medium-impact activities. 

Empower Adjuster

Non-adjustable Overband®

Poor sports bras can result in damage to your Copper's Ligaments, which can lead to injury and sagging. Furthermore, it can lead to a shorter stride length and inefficiency in performance. A study conducted by Portsmouth University found that wearing a bad sports bra can result in a 4cm reduction in stride length, meaning you would run an extra mile over the course of a marathon distance!

Test this out for yourself

Next time you're out for a run, place your hands above the top of your chest to see how much motion you're experiencing. It might surprise you! 


"This is the sports bra of the future!"

- Claire Sanderson, Editor of Women's Health