MAAREE exists to support women so that they are empowered to achieve their goals

Many women don’t feel they have the right tools or support needed to exercise worry-free and, therefore, aren’t as active as they want to be. The gender gap in exercise participation rates is still too big for our liking, and we believe sports and exercise is not only key for leading a healthy lifestyle but is important for developing important life skills. We want to help break down the barriers women have in their lives and provide the support needed so that you can live your fierce and powerful lives confidently, and show the world you are a force to be reckoned with!


We have the world's first and only sports bras with Overband® Technology; a curved panel that runs over the top of the breasts to reduce upward motion and therefore superior all-round support like never before.


I have tested sports products my entire professional life.

As soon as I left my studies at Loughborough University I started testing sports bra performance under lab conditions for some of the top sports brands in the world. However, being a keen sportswoman myself, I constantly felt that my perfect sports bra still didn’t exist.

When running along one day - with what I thought was one of the better sports bras in my personal collection - I hovered my hands above my chest and I was mortified by how much motion was going on that I was oblivious to.

When testing all of these bras I was confused as to why no-one was tackling upward motion, or even giving it a passing thought. Boobs can move in all sorts of directions, but I came to realise that not many companies out there really knew enough about sports bras. Nonetheless, I thought that this was so obvious that someone was bound to tackle it sooner or later.

However, when I was made redundant from a job in 2017, and my perfect bra still didn’t exist, I decided that I would finally make my design a reality, share it with whoever would want one, and start MAAREE. 

Mari from MAAREE